• The Christian Liebig Foundation promotes education for children in Africa

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  • You too can help children in Malawi and Mozambique with your donation

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  • Christian Liebig’s wish was a development aid at eye level

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Our goals


The association employs these measures in particular:

  • Construction and counseling, as well as financial support for the construction of houses for children in need.

  • Organisation, promotion and participation in the expansion and new construction of schools, support for their teachers, procurement of school materials and financing of school meals.

  • Promotion of gifted children and adolescents.

  • Allocation of scholarships to young people for the support of their vocational training.

This is what our supporters say about the Christian Liebig Foundation

“People flee their homes because they have no future. That’s why it’s important to get involved directly on the ground – with education, for example. That is real help for self-help. Because education is an essential part of critical thinking and action.”

“Christian Liebig, wherever he is, can rejoice in what his friends do in his name. It is impressive how his name and the initiative continue to live and work even after so many years.”

“Our track record makes me proud. What was a lot of grief at first has become part of my life. We are a wonderful team and the people we meet in our work are a real asset.”

“I think Christian Liebig Foundation is the perfect symbiosis between the possibility of doing good and keeping alive the memory of an outstanding journalist, great colleague and lovable person”.

“It is great what we have achieved so far through the personal commitment of all those involved. And I am proud that our son’s vision continues to live on in the hearts of the people who donate to education in Africa.”

“The tree that Christian’s parents and his partner planted is growing: Today, many educational projects help children in Malawi. directly and immediately on site.”

Help with your donation! Because education changes lives.