• Become a member of the Christian Liebig Foundation

Would you like to support the work of our association regularly?

With your contribution of 60 euros per year, you help us to act long-term and with planning security on site. We would be delighted if you could increase the minimum amount!

As a sustaining member you enable us to maintain the basis of our activities. This also includes administrative costs in Germany, which we can keep at a minimum through our purely honorary board members and only two part-time employees. The majority of all donations directly benefit children in Malawi and Mozambique.

In addition, we receive a lot of support from Hubert Burda Media, which covers the office, postage and printing costs as well as free advertising space in the media house’s magazines.

What our members say about the Christian Liebig Foundation

“Schools – this is what the children in Africa need! Only education creates real help for self-help in Malawi. That’s why I’m involved in the Christian Liebig Foundation – help us to achieve this!”

“As a member of the first hour, I am convinced of the motto ‘help for self-help’ – only in this way can a meaningful contribution be made to better education in Africa. As a member of the CLF board, I experience live how donations are handled carefully and economically. This and our transparency towards our donors as well as the personal commitment of the board speak for us”.

“At the time the foundation was founded, I was deeply moved by the death of my FOCUS colleague Christian. Since then, much has been moved by CLF – for the children of Africa – and always in memory of Christian. Working in a great team with the task of giving for the future makes sense and gives pleasure. We have a very personal relationship with our donors – this is another of our distinguishing features.”

“Children are our future, children want to be winners, here and in Africa. But only through education do they have the chance for a better life. And exactly this, helping children makes me happy and fills my heart with great joy. Even if we can’t help everyone – but it makes sense for every single one. My work for this foundation has changed my life!”

“Christian was not only a competent journalist, but also a very nice and popular colleague. I think it is wonderful that we can preserve the memory of him in such a meaningful way. I support the association because I can follow directly what happens with my donation. And because it makes sense to invest in the education of the children so that they do not have to seek their fortune in a foreign country.”

“I support the CLF because the death of my esteemed colleague Christian Liebig shocked me and Christian lives on in our thoughts through this foundation. And because I want to help countries where compulsory schooling is not yet a matter of course for every child to fulfill this mission – by providing sustainable help for a more promising future.”