• Our case

Four reasons that speak for us – that is why you should support the Christian Liebig Foundation

1. Transparency

Open dialogue

Even without an expensive donation seal, we can always openly prove that the funds have been used in accordance with the statutes.

In addition, an independent board of trustees and the annual general meeting review our work and approve new investments. You can download our (German language) cash report here.

2. Quality

Every donation helps

We make sure that every donation gets to where it is needed. In doing so, we limit ourselves to a few carefully selected projects that we can carry out well with our local partners.

3. Authenticity

Small team, big effect

Five volunteer board members and two 520-euro employees are on duty throughout the year.

In this way we keep administrative costs at a minimum level. And we have a direct link to all our projects: Because every year we personally check on site that your help is getting through.

4. Honoured

Tribute from the highest authority

Beatrice von Keyserlingk was awarded the “Medal of Merit of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany” in 2016.

She was honoured for her commitment to children in need and her dedication as chairperson of the board of the Christian Liebig Foundation.