• Help children in Malawi and Mozambique with your donation

Every donation hits its target.
Join us in supporting educational projects in two of the world’s poorest countries!

Donations are the basis of our work. Without the help of every single supporter – no matter whether the amount is small or large, one-time or regular – every cent finds its way to the people and helps. 

We offer different options. You can make a general donation directly via our online form. This is used according to the principle of “helping people help themselves”. In this way you support children and young adults, especially in Malawi, on their way to a better future through education.

We will inform you further down on this page about our other donation and support options.

Account details for donations:

Christian-Liebig-Stiftung e.V.
IBAN: DE20 700 700 240 7003700 00
Deutsche Bank München

Help children in Malawi with your online donation

Here you can transfer your desired amount easily and securely. Every euro helps to build or renovate schools, to provide school meals and to support educational projects for children and young adults in Malawi.

Information about your donation

Donation receipt and donation certificate

Your donation can be tax deductible. For this purpose, we will gladly send you a donation receipt for the amount you have transferred. Please state your postal address in the purpose of your transfer.

For donations of 500 euros or more, we will also issue you a donation certificate that honours a fundraising campaign, for example at schools or on the occasion of an anniversary. Please send us an e-mail if you wish.

Our funding opportunities at a glance

  • Supporting member

    With a contribution of 60 euros per year, you help us to be able to operate on site in the long term and with planning reliability. You can find detailed information here.

  • Project sponsorship

    With 200 euros per year you secure a place for a girl in one of our dormitories and contribute to the school meals for all secondary school students. Information and application form can be found here.

  • Major donation

    Put your next party or school event in the service of a good cause and collect donations instead of gifts. This will give children in Malawi a perspective.