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Safe places to live and learn: Support girls with your donation

Beatrice von Keyserlingk with secondary school students.

To provide education in a country as poor as Malawi, we build schools and hand them over to the country after completion. In the course of the last few years, however, we have noticed that in many places support beyond mere construction measures is necessary.

Therefore, we have created the project sponsorship “Safe sleeping and learning” for the Christian Liebig Secondary School. With our grants, all students receive a warm meal every day. We also contribute to the scholarships for 25 girls, who can thus afford a place in the dormitory on the school grounds.

Join us and help us to give these children better chances for a self-determined future – through education.

In the 2015/16 school year 82.2% of the students graduated, one of the girls from the dormitory supported by our scholarship even being the best of the entire graduating class! Be part of it and secure a place for a girl in the dormitory and a share of the school meals with your sponsorship contribution of 200 Euros per year.

By the way: The Christian Liebig Foundation will bear the annual costs in any case. However, we are pleased about every single donor who, with their sponsorship contribution, supports this project together with us in the long term and gives us the opportunity to invest general donations in other measures.

Schuldirektor Rabson Mpinganjira, Beatrice von Keyserlingk mit Bewohnerinnen des Mädchenwohnheims.

Note: Your donation will benefit our “project sponsorship”. Surplus funds will be used the following year to cover the costs of new project sponsorships or in those projects of the Christian-Liebig-Stiftung e.V. where they are most urgently needed.

Voices from the dormitory

With the help of CLS donations, some of these young women have been living in the dormitory on the grounds of the secondary school for several years. They only go home during the holidays. Sometimes, however, their families come to visit. All of them are separated from their parents for the first time, but feel comfortable and safe in the dormitory, have made many friends and can concentrate fully on learning.

Esther Namate

Esther’s favourite subject is English, but later she wants to become a doctor. She comes from the village Mpenba, about 60 km away from the secondary school. The young woman has three siblings, she is the oldest. She comes from a poor but educated family. All children go to school, the father has a secondary school diploma, the mother has at least attended primary school. Esther is one of the first residents of the dormitory. “I like the bathrooms and the privacy. Here I find time to read and learn. By the way, the secondary school has good teachers, I think that’s great.”

Bridget Komela

A four hour walk lies between Bridget’s home village and the secondary school. She comes from a broken family, her parents were separated at an early age, the mother died in 2015, the father does not care for the four children. Bridget lived near the school for two years, sharing a room with five other girls and the landlord’s family. Outhouse, a leaking roof, no privacy and fear of thieves – this situation determined her everyday life. Now she is half supported by the CLS and can finally concentrate on her career aspirations: “I want to be a journalist later.”

Alice Khanyiwa

At school she became enthusiastic about mathematics, but later Alice would like to work as a nurse. She comes from the village of Kamwamba, about 20 km from the secondary school, and has six brothers and sisters. Alice attends the “first form”, which corresponds to about the 9th grade in Germany. “The security I enjoy in the dormitory, compared to accommodation “outside”, is invaluable to me. My parents couldn’t afford the accommodation without the allowance.” With a smile she adds: “Here I can now learn and read in peace and quiet, because I don’t have to do any housework.”

Tianjane Phiri

Favourite subject: chemistry, career goal: nurse. Tianjane is the oldest of five siblings … and one of the youngest students in secondary school. Her family lives in the village Kanono, about 22 km away. Even though her parents only have a primary education, Tianjane and her three brothers attend school. However, the family is dependent on help to pay the school and housing costs. “I love the dormitory, here I have time to read, sleep well and feel safe.” Tianjane really appreciates the way the teachers try. “It’s a great advantage that the school provides homes for the teachers.”